On Your Knees

“Tonight i want you on your knees,

Put your ego aside and submit to me,

Grant me my every demand…here take my hand,

Now wet your lips and take a deep breath,

Tilt your head back and prepare to give me depth”
Her leg raised through her skirts spilt,

Over my shoulder she placed and secured it,

I did as told, now moving both hands to keep her balanced,

As i bit my lips awaiting permission,

Inhaling the sweet scent, impatiently my tongue rolls and stiffens waiting for her to tell me.

She shook, twitched and moaned,

Pushing me back, flat on floor,

She was now on her knees looking down on me,

“Should i now take my rightful place?”

Before i could nod she was grinding and riding my face…..

Her body suffering orgasmic quakes,

Nothing in this moment tasted better not even chocolate cake.
My body shaking, an erection she could no longer ignore,

Once again her knees graced the floor,

As she sat on almost all on the inches,

Rocking her hips and ushering moans from me, my words barely escaping her choke….
“Get on your knees again, make me your plaything”

Of course I obliged…this is where the next level of submission and control would start….

Both of us on our knees…with her back in a glorious arch….
By Renaldo D Bryan

April 8th 2017


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